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Another Digital Shadow Solution

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perspex windows throughout
rear top spoiler removed for top speed

fully stripped interior
full digital dash displaying all ecu readouts (egt, oil pressure, water temp etc)
wideband lambda gauge
maximiser digital progressive nitrous controller
turbosmart eboost 2, fully sequential paddle shift boost controller per gear
full knock link control
race seats with harness’
AN-Racing spec fuel tank, placed in spare tyre well
2.1litre overbore
AN-Racing spec forged pistons
AN-Racing spec forged i beam rods
AN-Racing spec forged race crank
uprated oil pump an spec (one off)
fully lightened balanced and stress relieved bottom end
racing shells and bearings
special oil squirters
multy layered steel headgasket
AN-Racing spec high torque uprated bolts throughout
AN-Racing spec race head, larger inlet & exhaust valves
full race billet cam shafts
vernier pullys
tubular manifold
gt35/40 full ballbearing AET supplied turbo
turbo smart external pro-gate
turbo smart megasonic dump valve
AN-Racing spec multiplate throttle boddies
RC 1000cc injectors
AN-Racing spec inlet manifold + plenum chamber
hiperflow race spec front mount intercooler
ngk race sparkplugs
magnecour race leads
wasted spark (no rotor dizzy)
p8 dta pro engine management
full progressive nitrous control 75bhp
AN-Racing spec lightened billet flywheel
sfs hoses throughout
3" exhaust from turbo back

Triple plate drag clutch
special plate diff
Fully manual gearbox with up rated bearings and AN-Racing spec ratios, h-pattern
Bhp = 800+ (Dyno Packs)
AN-Racing spec competition drive shafts made to F1 spec materials

Fronts: 335mm * 32mm
AN-Racing 4pot billet calipers
Rears: standard rover part
ebc blue stuff pads front and rear
goodridge braided brake hoses throughout
leda remote fully adjustable coilovers
poly bushes/rose jointed throughout

mg-zr bodykit
with extended front wheel arches
0-60mph    - 2.8s
0-115mph  - 6.4s
0-138mph  - 10.23s