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Welcome.Tuning.ANR Cars.Videos.Contact.

The Fisher fury has been running well and setting some impressive times. The ANR MG ZR has been running this year, but struggling with gearbox reliabilty. Hopefully we will see the ANR Bubble into the 9’s this summer!


Current Fastest Times Per Car

Bubble = 10.23@138mph

Fisher = 12.689@109.45mph

Maestro = 11.818@130.15mph

    The AN-Racing MG ZR has set a new UK FWD Record of 10.23 @ 138mph. Now the car is in the low 10’s Andy Nicholls has set his targets firmly on dropping the car into the 9’s

Not only has the MG ZR done well, the ANR Fisher Fury won its class this year at Santa Pod.

AN-Racing not only offers extensive tuning for MG and Rover vehicles, but also offers tuning for other marques. Please contact Andy direct to enquire about your specific tuning requirements.

AN-Racing's tuning of the Rover T-16 engine has broken new ground thanks to more than 14 years of continual development.

Thanks to this continued development, over 800bhp has been achieved from the Rover T-16 engine, and now continues to show consistent low  10 second quarter mile times, with a record of 10.23 seconds! This record is hopefully not going to last long as Andy has his sights set on getting into the 9’s now.

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